To encourage a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus Christ in each child who we serve

Each child is promoted to attend our Launch Pad and Kids Club. Here we offer the Bible message of salvation by Grace in a way that a young child can understand.

To teach the children we serve to be respectful servant leaders in their homes, schools and neighborhood.

We believe that one of most important ways Christ taught us to show His love is by modeling His behavior to others. At Casino Road Kids Ministries children are expected to be respectful of others, to self, and to property in their actions, speech and attitude. Examples of these 3 rules are given and repeated at each Club and are practiced by our staff and volunteers.

To see that the positive behavior of our children strengthens their families and heals their community.

We invite parents to visit our Clubs and attend our events. We also partner with churches, the Everett police force and community organizations to improve the area. Through our working together with these groups we are able to set an example as to the value of these relationships and the positive impact that working together has on our family and community.

To promote the value of education in each child we serve.

We partner with local school leaders and teachers. CRKM is a presence in the school community and staff from local schools volunteer regularly at CRKM. This interrelationship sets an example to our children that the people at school and what is accomplished there is important and worth participating in and they think the same of what we do. Our relationship is a win/win.

To help each child see and know that they are valued.

The development of self is shaped by experiences and a sense of trust in others. At CRKM we seek to encourage each child to strive for their best, to behave in a manner that is respectful and to know that God loves them and created them for a distinct purpose.