Statement of Need

Why Casino Road?

Casino Road is a highly populated two-mile section of road located in south Everett, Washington. This road has a reputation for being one of the highest areas of crime, drug deals, prostitution, and gang activity in the city. Casino Road is also the home address for many children who reside in one of the area’s several large apartment complexes. It is where they live, go to school and play. Most of these children come from low-income and/ or immigrant families. Over 80% of them are living below the poverty line and over one-third are transitional bi-lingual.

What is Casino Road Kids Ministry doing to help change this?

An increase in education decreases poverty

The Census Bureau figures show that the earning difference between those with a high school diploma and those without is as much as 45%. At Casino Road Kids Ministries we work with the local schools and promote children to be responsible and active participants in their education. Recent tests have shown that grades are improving and we believe that that is due to the hard work of local teachers and the reinforcement and assistance our kids receive through our Homework Clubs.

Support from caring adults influences school success

Studies show that support from other adults in addition to a child’s parents is one of several factors that can influence school success. Our volunteers team up with the same children each week in order to establish a consistent, encouraging relationship.

Teaching kids that their life has purpose

One of the goals of Casino Road Ministries is to show these children that their life does hold hope and opportunity for a great future. They are the members of their community that can refuse to succumb to the lure of crime and the cycle of poverty. God has a plan for their life and created them for a greater purpose. We believe that through Christ they can achieve that purpose, change their environment and alter the course of their lives.